Fanfiction Fridays: Water and Earth by ssstrychnine

mad max furiosaIt’s probably bad form to write a post reccing a fanfic from something that you haven’t written the actual review of yet. To that I say: I do what I want. Tomorrow you’ll get a bona fide Mad Max: Fury Road review from me, but today, I’ve got a delightful Furiosa-centric fic for your reading pleasure.

When Furiosa is named Imperator and given the War Rig to drive, she does not feel anything. It growls under hands. She paints her face in engine grease and she drives like a demon, but her dreams are empty, and the green place does not exist. She does not see the Wives anymore, she avoids them because Angharad still looks at her like she has the answer. She avoids them because they are too much like the many mothers from her childhood. Women who she had loved and who had loved her.

Angharad tells the Wives that they are not things and Furiosa beats her fist bloody against a wall because it’s too dangerous. These girls will get themselves killed with things like hope and things like freedom. Furiosa is calm water, but Angharad bandages her split knuckles with a strip from her dress, and looks at her like she knows every truth.

When Angharad becomes pregnant, she comes to Furiosa with a plan.

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