Web Crush Wednesdays: All For One

webcrush picWith Ghostbusters blessing our screens this year and the announcement of Ocean’s 11 all-female cast reboot, I’m really hoping that this is the beginning of a wonderful new trend—one that will let girls and women see ourselves in the stories we already enjoyed but which severely underrepresented us. In this spirit, I introduce to you this week’s web crush—All For One, a webseries by KindaTV, which is a reimagining of Alexandre Dumas’s The Three Musketeers. Instead of being part of the French royal guard, the musketeers are a sorority at a fictional college.

But let me tell you all about it below, with some mild spoilers.

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The Three Musketeers Review

I’mma say it right out: Logan Lerman is pretty enough that he looks like a girl in that wig.

I only recently sat down and watched the 2011 movie, The Three Musketeers, starring (among others) Logan Lerman, Milla Jovovich, and Orlando Bloom. I had wanted to see it in theaters, but obviously I missed that boat.

It’s been a while since I’ve read The Three Musketeers, (over a decade, and wow does that make me feel old) so I hit up the Wikipedia page to see how the movie measured up to the original story. Turns out it made some pretty significant plot changes, and those don’t even include the added steampunk airships (or ‘shimps’, as my friends and I called them, combining ship and blimp).

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