Fanfiction Fridays: The Uninvited by oinvu

This certainly wasn’t the first fanfiction I read by oinvu, and I can hope it won’t be the last. Right now, oinvu has two stories in the works that I’m reading, and I highly recommend both of them, as well as his/her other works. Alas, I’m only reviewing one of her stories for the moment, and unfortunately, it’s not completed yet, but that doesn’t mean I can’t give it the praise it’s due.

It seems that with the end of the cartoon, Static Shock had all but been forgotten. A shame, really. Static Shock dealt with many issues that other superhero shows and comics don’t. Gangs, racism, child abuse, to name a few. So this was one loaded series. And having a black superhero with a white sidekick who was written as a superhero who happened to be black, as opposed to a ginormous stereotype, was certainly refreshing. Oinvu doesn’t shy away from any of issues in the original show and manages to show them the justice they deserve. The Uninvited holds up to the same standard as her other stories, and centers around Virgil and Hotstreak having to work together on a homework assignment and very slowly gaining respect for each other. It feels very much like a redemption story for Hotstreak told from Virgil’s perspective.

Redemption on Hotstreak’s part is both slow going and incredibly hard on Virgil, who finds himself doing everything he can to get Hotstreak to at least participate in the homework, which is a collaboration on their part to write a short story. Along the way, Virgil realizes how different and difficult Hotstreak’s upbringing is from his own and how lucky he is for having a loving family.

Working as Virgil’s conscience in the story is his father, who encourages him to continue helping Hotstreak as he believes he’s not beyond saving.

Realistic stories between these two characters that also don’t show them falling in love and have a decent screw hide themselves well, and oinvu has a certain knack for developing their relationship into something more akin to mutual respect. At this point in the story, I wouldn’t say that Hotstreak and Virgil are friends, but they are slowly learning about each other. And Virgil, being the hero that he is, has to come to terms that even Hotstreak needs a second chance. In fact, the homework assignment, which is the catalyst to bring them together, is long overdue by the latest chapter, and to save his grade Virgil turns in the half-completed paper to the teacher to show that he did try to work with the other.

However, by chapter six, when Hotstreak has already run away from home after his mother and father both kicked him out, Virgil urges him to continue working on the assignment, since he’s certain their teacher would accept any work from Hotstreak at this point, even if it is late. It’s through the assignment and watching Hotstreak work and figuring out how he thinks that Virgil’s opinion of him really changes.

It’s also at this point that Virgil’s father makes Hotstreak move in with them and share Virgil’s bedroom, a kindness that Virgil is still not quite ready to give. It’s been a while since a update, but this is a story that would be well worth the wait.