Throwback Thursdays: Wicked

The first time I saw Wicked, it was 2005, and my high school musical’s cast, crew, and a passel of chaperones had come to New York to see the sights—including the still relatively new show. We sat in the very last row of the very last balcony, and I cried like a baby at the end. (I still do, even just listening to the soundtrack.)

Time passed, and a million fairy tale retellings, Ozian and otherwise, came and went, inundating movies, books, television, and comics. But no matter how these stories ebbed and flowed in popularity, Wicked has stayed strong and stayed open, belting out its loving but revisionist history of L. Frank Baum’s fairytale world eight times a week at the Gershwin Theatre in New York. However, I haven’t seen the show in years, and the last time I saw it was with the national tour, rather than the Broadway version. So when a good friend came to visit me in NYC a few weeks ago and asked if I wanted to go see the show, her treat, I was delighted to agree. I was surprised to find, however, that despite the show’s age, it seems more relevant now than ever.

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Web Crush Wednesdays: Namesake

Once upon a time, a friend recced me a webcomic called Namesake. Now, I really like stories that have some kind of “stranger in a strange land” shenanigans, and Namesake, a story about a girl from our world who ends up in the classic literature story The Wizard of Oz, seemed like it would be right up my alley. But I’d already seen enough stories with this same premise—so many shoujo anime have episodes where the female protag ends up in Alice of Wonderland, for example—that I thought Namesake would almost definitely be boring or clichéd. So it took me an extremely long time to actually start reading this webcomic. Once I did, though, I found out that Namesake has way more of a plot than its premise would imply—and it’s definitely right up my alley.

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Magical Mondays: Beauty, Morality, and Magic

bad witches meme

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Western standards of beauty are ubiquitous, and just one of the many things they’ve infiltrated is our retellings of fairy tales. All too often, you can tell who’s good and who’s evil just by looking at the characters’ faces. If they’re classically beautiful? They’re probably good. But if they have anything that’s considered ugly by societal standards, be it a big nose, a fat figure, or a wrinkled visage, chances are they’re working for the dark side. Continue reading

Once Upon A Time Season 3 Was Less than Magical

Oh man, oh man, oh man. I have been putting this review off for as long as possible because I just have so few positive opinions about this season and I don’t want to have to recap the weird and awkward mess that was the plot. But I guess that’s what they pay me the boonbucks to do, so here we go.

sarcasm (n): the implication that I am paid in more than Lady Geek Girl's undending devotion.

Sarcasm (n): the implication that I am paid in more than Lady Geek Girl’s unending devotion.

Spoilers for the whole season below the jump.

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Web Crush Wednesdays: Recycled Movie Costumes

Today’s Web Crush is my newest tumblr love, Recycled Movie Costumes!

jr9fangirls1111One of my loves is costuming. Not so much making them, like my cosplaying co-authors on this blog, but just seeing the pieces and appreciating their details. Predictably, my favorite type of costuming is that of musical theatre, but movie costumes are also pretty neat and this tumblr opened my eyes to the concept of recycling costumes which I never even realized was a thing. You see, when a new musical opens it gets new costume designers so even if it’s a revival imitating a previous production, costumes aren’t re-used, and while costumes will often reappear on different performers within the same production (like, when a new actor takes over a role they may inherit a previous actor’s costumes if they are of comparable size) a new show typically means new costumes. As such, I had never really considered that the same didn’t hold true for new movies.

Of course, it was a musical that introduced me to this blog

Of course, it was a musical that introduced me to this tumblr

One of the things I admire about the people who contribute to the blog is their keen eye for details and ability to recognize where they’ve been seen before. These aren’t just costumes that look similar to or are inspires by previous designs, they are the same outfit appearing again which can be confirmed by the identical details like pattern and stitching.

Recycled Movie Costumes- GlindaSometimes the costumes go through adjustments in their subsequent appearances, but can still be identified by their construction and the knowledge of whose costume shop they come from. I find these ones even more interesting than the ones which make their way unaltered from one appearance to another because it shows that the storytelling aspect of costume designing is still considered even when a costume is being re-used. It can’t always go from one story to another without being altered in order to create the unique vision of the new movie.

If you’re a costume lover like me, check out the blog, and if you’ve got a sharp enough eye to spot a recycled costume you can submit your findings to!

Web Crush Wednesdays: Adam The Woo

How to describe Adam The Woo? Well, allow me to utilize his theme song:

Adam The Woo goes on adventures for you!

He don’t even ask your mom!

If you wanna see his zany journeys

Go to!


Can I just mention how much I actually love the phrase “Aw shit, son”? It’s something my college roommate used to say and I always thought it was a funny phrase, so I like hearing it sung/screamed at the beginning of each video.

Adam the Woo is a fun YouTube adventurer who explores abandoned and haunted places in the US. There are many Tubers who do similar things and I enjoy them, but Adam is the most enjoyable one I’ve come across because he doesn’t try to make the places seem scary. Watching Adam’s videos is a fun experience that appeals to the explorer that I believe exists in all of us.

Adam goes on his adventures with his friends who are some pretty neat characters. Jinger, who appears in the video embedded above, is probably my favorite traveling companion of his. They just seem to have the most fun together.

Even when checking out legendarily haunted places Adam keeps his sense of humor. The places themselves may be creepy, and Adam embraces that, but he doesn’t try to make it “Oooooh so spooky…” by his behavior and I love it.

Adam also takes us on tours of filming locations for some great movies, very often horror movies. You can tell the love he has for these films by his knowledge of them and the effort he puts into the tours, documenting each noteworthy location and sharing them with fellow fans such as us.