Fanfiction Fridays: You’ll Wish You Hadn’t by convexity

When I first came across You’ll Wish You Hadn’t, I immediately decided that I just had to read it, because deep down I secretly hate myself. I should have known exactly what I’d been getting myself into by reading a story called You’ll Wish You Hadn’t when said story is about Theon Greyjoy and Ramsay Bolton. In light of the events in the fifth novel of A Song of Ice and Fire, a whole bunch of fic between these two characters has appeared. Some of them are better than others, but all of them are creepy.

BoyflayingTheon-3x06This particular story was the first one between the two characters that I read. Though I found it remarkably insightful into the two characters’ relationship and rather decently written, after reading it, I immediately wished I hadn’t. But as I said, I should have known what to expect just from the title. The summary below should also have been a flashing sign proclaiming creepiness.

A short reprieve that Ramsay gives to Theon. Sorry still not sorry.

Yeah… potential trigger and spoiler warning after the jump.

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