Trailer Tuesdays: Dangan Ronpa Another Episode

I’m screaming. I’ve been screaming for a while, and it’s all because of this trailer.

Outside of Free!, I’m not sure that there’s any series that I have fallen so hard or so fast for as Dangan Ronpa. I’ve already done a couple fanfiction posts on it as well as a Manga Mondays and I have more posts planned as long as I keep myself from devolving into typical fangirl babbling. This trailer however, I hate and love.

[Spoilers for Dangan Ronpa]

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Fanfiction Fridays: Whirr and Click by GhostwriterSyo

(Spoilers for Dangan Ronpa under cut)

I think one of the hallmarks of a good series is when you become so interested in the characters that you start wondering what their lives were like before their current canon situation. I’m not talking about AU things either, I mean the more than likely mundane grind of schooling, hanging with friends, or whatever it is that fits the setting. With a series Fukawalike Dangan Ronpa, it’s not too hard of a stretch to imagine what the main fifteen characters would be doing—they are students, after all—but the interest there is in how they deal with their lives.

To be honest, right now, I’m talking about one character in particular. My favorite character. Touko Fukawa.

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