Throwback Thursdays: Sky Dancers

Sky Dancers CartoonRecently, I found myself in a discussion with my sister-in-law about 80’s and 90’s cartoons and how in retrospect, a good deal of them are really bad, but hell if they weren’t fun when I was a kid. And that in turn brought back memories of the Sky Dancers cartoon. After Sky Dancers was released, it rocketed its way to the number one spot on my list of favorite cartoons, where it remained until I discovered Batman: The Animated Series. That was all for the best, because looking back, I can say with all certainty that Sky Dancers did not deserve the pedestal I put it on. All the same, though, I still have fond memories of the story.

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Trailer Tuesdays: The LEGO Movie

We all love LEGOs, right? They’re creative, constructive, and ever-changing, which make them one of the most perfect toys to spend hours playing with. How can all that be packed into one movie? I don’t know, but Warner Bros. Pictures is attempting to do just that.

Based on the preview, I can’t get a real sense of what the story will be about, other than that a comedic hero will be bumbling his way toward saving the world, but I can see that a great deal of effort has gone into creating a world that LEGO fans can easily recognize and enjoy. I can see a few of the pieces and characters I’ve played with myself and am already getting excited to see these toys I’ve loved for years come to life. Sure, this is far from the first time LEGOs have been animated, but I never watched the Bionicle series and I’m not much of a gamer so I never experienced any of the LEGO video games for myself. As such, this will be my first time seeing these toys in motion, barring stop-motion videos on YouTube.

One of the things I find most interesting in the preview is that everything in this world appears to be modeled after actual LEGO pieces, right down to the laser beams being shot out of the characters’ weapons. The backgrounds all seem to be constructed (digitally) from LEGO bricks and the props the characters use are the same ones available for purchase in actual construction packs. I love this attention to detail because it would have been so much easier to just design a landscape in which the LEGO characters could exist, but instead the film’s creators really went the distance and committed to creating a LEGO world.

The movie itself looks pretty funny, if I do say so myself. Even if the reluctant hero storyline has been done to death in recent years, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it can’t still be enjoyable. The Batman joke alone got an actual chuckle out of me, but the sight gags and great voice cast come together nicely here for an amusing little preview of what will hopefully be an even more amusing feature-length film.