Web Crush Wednesdays: transclothesswap

webcrush picBeing trans in today’s day and age is difficult enough. If you’re sure about your own identity as a child, your parents might not believe you, and as adults, people who identify as trans are met with disbelief and confusion if they’re lucky; outright discrimination and transphobia if they’re not. The murder and violence statistics alone for trans people are terrifying, and if you’re a trans person of color, well, you’re pretty much out of luck.

But we’re making some progress. Even though the media hasn’t quite wrapped their collective heads around the idea of calling people by their preferred names and pronouns, there are people who are starting to realize that trans people should have all the rights and privileges as do all human beings, even if some jerkfaces don’t think so. Enter Tumblr’s newest initiative: transclothesswap.

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