Fanfiction Fridays: Gospel of Deception by thereisafire

Durarara!!’s Orihara Izaya is a multifaceted figure full of mystery and trickery. I’ve even heard a fan theory that he’s actually Loki, the Norse god of chaos, michief, and trickery, in human guise.

This fic sadly does not explore that facet of fanon. (Although if someone wants to write me that DRRR/Avengers crossover I didn’t know I wanted until just now, PLEASE DO IT.)

Rather, it boasts the fascinating pairing of Izaya/Trolling, and gets you inside Izaya’s head with backstory on how he becake the horribly manipulative person he is today, going all the way up to him getting Shizuo arrested. It’s terribly clever and well-written, and the author’s Izaya!voice is really spot-on.

Check it out here at AO3!