Where Are All the Female Werewolves?

the wolf man 1941Werewolves have never really been the most popular monster; they’re usually second fiddle to vampires or zombies. I suppose there’s some sense to that. Vampires are sexy romantics and zombie hoards are harbingers of the apocalypse. Werewolves usually act alone, and, outside of Twilight and Teen Wolf, aren’t typically portrayed as having much sex appeal. In 1941, The Wolf Man became the first successful werewolf film. Our monster has a furry face, spreads his affliction through biting others, kills people, and is ultimately killed by his own silver walking stick. He’s monstrous, not sexy.  We can understand why vampires and zombies scare us, too. Vampires might represent a powerful person draining us of our own power for personal gain. Zombies drawn on our fear of pandemics and the ignorant masses destroying those of us just trying to survive. But what about werewolves? The most common answer I find is that werewolves speak to the changes a teenager experiences during puberty. Pisces already explored how this dynamic works in Teen Wolf. But if that’s the case, then where are all the female werewolves?

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Trailer Tuesdays: I, Frankenstein

Should I start crying now or later?

Seriously, there are so many interesting stories out there, waiting to be told, missing out on their chance at the big screen because some production company thought “yes, what we need is a generic dark urban fantasy story about Harvey Dent fighting shapeshifting gargoyles. Oooh, and let’s throw an innocent and generic blonde romantic interest, some religious imagery, and lots of explosions in, too!” Continue reading

Movie Review: Underworld Awakening

I don’t know if I’ve said it before or not, but I really hate 3D. Unfortunately, due to poor planning on my part, my friend and I were unable to watch the 2D showing for Underworld Awakening, and instead had to suffer through those detestable glasses. This is what happens when you procrastinate everything in your life, including driving to the theater; you miss the showing you actually wanted to go to. I probably wouldn’t be against 3D so much if it weren’t for already needing glasses to see the screen, and if it didn’t cause a headache.

But that’s okay, because some asshole I ran into online the other day told me that a simple procedure will solve that problem. In order to enjoy the movies, all I need is ocular surgery!

Spoilers ahead for Underworld Awakening.

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Trailer Tuesdays: Underworld Awakening

You know, I’ve been feeling a little vamped out since I discovered that the undead sparkle, but the Underworld movies have always been a great cure for that. I love everything about them, from the very aesthetically-pleasing-to-stare-at Selene kicking ass, to the constant blue tint that never goes the hell away.

And after some very questionable books and movies with vampires lately, Underworld just goes straight back the original source materials, the legends we know, and doesn’t fuck around with them.

And this trailer promises that the new movie will be just as good as the last ones.

One complaint I have heard though—from Lady Geek Girl, particularly—is that Michael will not be in this movie, which makes no sense, since she was only captured for twelve years and he’s practically undefeatable. And that begs the question: how did the humans even capture Selene? She seems to have no trouble breaking out.

Anyways, the movie is apparently about her looking for Michael and their daughter Eve. Yes, they have a daughter. No, I didn’t know that either until about ten minutes ago. I also keep hearing rumors that Michael will be in this, but he’s not currently credited, so at this point, I don’t think anyone really knows.

Regardless, this is definitely a movie I’ll be seeing, and at the moment, I highly recommend it.