In Brightest Day: Jennifer Blake, Vanity, and Identity

Teen_Wolf_Season_3_Episode_4_Unleashed_Haley_Webb_Jennifer_BlakeWell, Teen Wolf is finally back, and sadly, Jennifer Blake still seems to be dead. I have to admit that Jennifer was the cause of much distress for me the first half of the season, but not because I didn’t like her character. I really enjoyed watching her and found her very sympathetic. No, my distress came about from reading what the fans—specifically the Sterek shippers—had to say about her.

While I am no stranger to disliking female characters—Bella from Twilight, Lori from The Walking Dead, the list goes on—the misogynistic and unfounded accusations thrown at Jennifer were hard to avoid, and they were usually entirely uncalled for. Jennifer was an antagonist, so I did expect some evil from her—and we got that. But her villainess ways were hardly the cause of the hatred and bile against her.

Most people seemed to dislike her simply because of her relationship with Derek, seeing her as an obstacle between him and his “true love” Stiles. She’s been called a rapist, a Mary Sue, and numerous other derogatory terms. Another accusation people seem fond of giving her is vanity, which, like most of the other insults, I immediately disagreed with.

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