Rin Plays: Average Maria Individual

Average Maria Individual 1With my back-up of Steam purchases, which felt like a good idea at the time, the ever-looming feeling of “I should really play this” is always in the back of my mind. Yet I always get distracted. As people who play games, what I think a lot of us are looking for is a new experience. Yes, there are times where one wants to know what they’re getting into, appease the desire to turn off one’s brain and just enjoy the ride. But as a whole, games with new angles and new points to make are the games that catch people’s attention and stay in their minds—hell, it’s why indie games have gotten so popular and why, seven years after its release, people are still talking about Braid. The narrative of the modern AAA game is stuck; audiences are beginning to see nuance in the way their protagonists think about their situation, but at the end of the day, the protagonist is still the big damned hero whose sacrifices are worth the final outcome. In some cases, the world bends to the choices they make, but generally speaking the in-game world at large is unaffected. That is to say, there are no repercussions for egregious acts of violence. So upon coming across a game that set out to challenge this kind of ingrained gaming sensibility, of course it caught my attention and made me want to see what it had to offer.

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