Moonies Rejoice! Sailor Moon Re-release Coming to a Computer Screen Near You

Looking back, I find it humorously convenient that our own BrothaDom wrote a post about nostalgia only last week, and now here I am, standing in the aftermath of one of the hugest nostalgia bombs to go off in my fandoms in a while. As with many kids of my generation, we grew up watching DBZ and Sailor Moon in the wee hours of the morning before school, during that wonderful block of programming called Toonami. Today, I’m more than happy to announce that we Moonies will be able to re-live our childhood with an entirely new dubbing of the original series!

TFW all your dreams come true

TFW all your dreams come true.

If you’ve been keeping up with the Sailor Moon buzz, you’ll know that Sailor Moon Crystal is coming out soon as well. To distinguish, Crystal is an entirely new series which takes the original Sailor Moon formula and brings it up to date with a new cast of girls that bear a striking resemblance to their predecessors. While I’m excited for that as well, I’m much more excited for this revamp of the original four seasons.

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