Web Crush Wednesdays: ColeenaWu

It’s no news to anyone here that I’m a huge fan of good translations. Honestly, who isn’t? It’s quality translations that lead to both an increase in interest in other cultures and media produced from said culture, as well as an increase in quality from the translation community as a whole. Both are super important aspects to a world that is increasingly opening its borders to each other. Although the cultural sharing that goes on between America and Japan is nothing new, what is new is how much VOCALOID—essentially voicebanks (with adorable personifications for each) that music composers can use to add vocals to their songs without using their own or employing anyone else’s—is starting to get into the American market.

Ranging from collaborative apps from Domino’s Pizza, western PS Vita ports of previously unavailable rhythm games, and even VOCALOID cameos showing up in popular web shows like Bee and Puppycat, the American market is in closer contact than ever with the counterculture of Miku Hatsune and the other singers that make up VOCALOID. Yes, I admit some of these songs can be rather tragic in quality, but surprisingly a majority of them are really good. Today, I want to celebrate one of the many, many translators of these VOCALOID songs, ColeenaWu.

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Web Crush Wednesdays: Horizon

As I’ve stated previously, there’s nothing I like more than an excellent parody of a song. However, my Web Crush this week takes it a step further.

I first ran into Horizon through a post on my Tumblr dashboard with her re-working of the song Derse Dreamers. I’ll give you a second to listen to this.

If you read the description, you’ll realize that the original track was without vocals, but she makes it sound like this is how the track always was and always should be. I’ve got to give respect to that. We’ve all heard those instrumental tracks in video games or something of the same ilk that we think, “wow, that would make an awesome song” (or, at least I do), but putting lyrics to music isn’t always the easiest thing. But from her tracks, you can tell how much work Horizon puts into her craft and how much she enjoys doing it.

And, oh yeah, her voice is freaking amazing, too. Let’s just say I’m more than a little proud that she’s a part of two of my fandoms: Homestuck and Vocaloid. I really don’t have much to say on how much I love her and how much she has further inspired me to keep on getting better at my own vocals. I’ll let her works speak for themselves.