Why Animal Parade Outshines Other Harvest Moon Games

As I further put off playing games that I should be trying to review for this blog and instead play games that I’ve beaten roughly a quadrillion times, I find myself coming back to one game in particular. Rather, one series. Harvest Moon has been one of my favorite titles in video games for a while now, and while there are several other virtual farming sims mixed with dating sims now on the market, none have had the same charm as this particular series. However, in the tone of this blog, I wouldn’t necessarily call the series feminist in and of itself; I would be willing to give it feminist-friendly, on the other-hand. What’s the difference? It’s the difference between an actual, conscious effort being put into a game’s female characters to make them well-rounded, and that result merely being coincidental. Now, this point is purely subjective, so we could argue it until the cows come home, however this article is not about me arguing this point (we can do that in the comments if you really feel that passionate about it). It’s about me celebrating my favorite game in the series and the diversity in in characters.

Havest Moon Animal Parade BannerOut of all the Harvest Moon games, the one that has kept my interest the longest—indeed, I’m still playing it to this very day—is Animal Parade. In this game, the player character starts a farm in Harmonica Town (which is not ideal for farming at first) and is tasked with completing several objectives to ring a set of magical bells and bring back the Harvest King. While the plot isn’t the important part of the game—although by doing it, you do open up different areas—what is important are the characters you meet, become friends with, and maybe even marry.

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