Getting to the Sweet Stuff: A Closer Look at One of Nintendo’s Starlets

In light of my last post, I began thinking about Nintendo’s roster of female characters as a whole and how they influenced my general outlook on girls in video games. Out of all of them, there was one that took a while to remember, but on closer inspection, she was really the basis for a lot of my own characters and opinions of what a lady character in a game should aspire to. And no, she’s not a princess.

Back in my wee baby days, I only used to watch my family play games while perched on the arm of a chair trying to get a good angle for the Gameboy screen (this predates the Nintendo 64, even). I remember my excitement after watching my brother do a speed run of Metroid II and seeing the swimsuit ending confirming Samus as a girl, but at my young age, I didn’t really grasp how important that was. No, my favorite female character for a time ended up being someone from Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. A mouthful, I know, but in the midst of Wario and all his unique powers and lust for greed sat a woman who, though the final boss of the game, really presented me with my first character with moral ambiguity.

Who could it be? I mean, I already said she wasn't a princess so I'm obviously leading you on with this picture...

Who could it be? I mean, I already said she wasn’t a princess so I’m obviously leading you on with this picture… (art by TheJayPhenrix @ deviantArt)

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