Magical Mondays: Destiny and How Not to Write Magic

I’ve done it. I’ve finally done it. After a couple of weeks, I’ve finally beaten the campaign mode of Destiny. I could have completed it quicker—true enough, the campaign isn’t exactly what one would call “expansive”—but I couldn’t find a reason to. After landing on Mars (the final planet in the storyline thus far) I left the story behind and did other things for about a week and a half.

Destiny Warlock WallpaperI understand you must be scratching your heads right now, wondering what this has to do with magic. This problem with Destiny’s lack of exposition is the same problem it has with its magic; in fact, it’s even worse when taking its magic system into consideration. That is to say: no matter how cool your magic system is, or no matter how much it doesn’t actually factor into the universe, it needs to have some weight to it. Your magic must actually be a part of your universe.

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