Movie Review: Warm Bodies

warm-bodies_posterCan’t believe I’m the first one out of all the writers here to see this one, since neither zombie movies nor rom-coms are my wheelhouse, per sé. Spoilers abound after the jump. Not much happens in this movie to start with in my opinion (which is my usual opinion about all rom-coms), so I’ll spoil almost all that there is to spoil. Continue reading

In Brightest Day: Questions About the Undead Disease

Zombie movies, television shows, and comics have been part of mainstream pop culture for a while now. Society loves a story about humans trying to fight off hordes of undead. It’s a sexy story.

I assume that, at least in most cases, becoming undead is caused by a virus instead of a genetic disability. This is not always the case. In The Walking Dead, it turns out that all humans are carriers of the zombie trait. When a human dies, he turns into a zombie unless the human’s brain is destroyed. There is no other way around that.


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Trailer Tuesdays: Warm Bodies

I am so excited for this movie it is ridiculous. A lot of big name movies came out recently, but I really think Warm Bodies is going to be one of the most severely underrated movies this winter.

Warm Bodies seems to be an awesome spoof of the paranormal romance craze. Pairing the romance between the hot blonde and the gross undead zombie is hilarious in and of itself, but for me the best thing about this movie, at least from what I can tell about the trailer, is the inner monologue of the zombie.

The fact that the zombie has an almost completely coherent inner monologue, but still acts like a normal everyday zombie is perfect, and really something that has been missing from various zombie spoofs in general.

I’m definitely going to check out Warm Bodies. You should too.