Web Crush Wednesdays: Black Girl Nerds

Gosh it’s fun being a nerd; keeping up with shows, collecting, cosplaying, the works. There’s something for everyone, really, and it’s a growing community. Recently, it’s becoming more well-known that nerds come in all shapes and sizes, races, genders, and sexualities. As a Black man, it’s been a great time for us. With people like John Boyega, Idris Elba, and Donald Glover being put into (or considered for) movie roles more frequently, our place in nerd-dom is being solidified more everyday! However, the hurdle for Black women seems to be a little harder to clear. This could be said of all women, but intersectionality makes it especially difficult for Black women. In a sense, Black women and girls are seen as sort of an anomaly in geeky/nerdy spaces. Luckily, there is a growing push for supporting these fans with this week’s Web Crush: Black Girl Nerds.

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Web Crush Wednesdays: Sketchy Panda Games and Aberford

One word that gets thrown around a lot these days is “aesthetic”. And really, it’s an important word to signify appreciating the look of a certain era or mood without necessarily glorifying the other things about it. The best example of this is the American 50’s aesthetic; with its malt shops, leather jackets, and sock hops. It’s a cornucopia of neat stylistic things, but it comes with some extremely poor politics and social standards. I, myself, am a fan of this aesthetic (as well as dunking the prejudices that happened during this era in the trash), which is why I’m excited to bring you my web crush today, even if I may have missed the boat in some respects.

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