Web Crush Wednesdays: Source Code in TV and Films

Sometimes, despite our wildly varying tastes and often viciously differing opinions, I risk watching movies with my brother. He’s a computer programmer with a fondness for plotty dramas, grimdark action-adventure flicks, and, oddly enough, rom-coms. So we ended up watching Skyfall together back when it came out. I mean, it almost fits all those categories, right? Unfortunately, I forgot that he, well, actually knows things about computers, and after the movie I was subjected to a good ten minute tirade on how no computer programmer worth their salt would ever plug an enemy agent’s computer into the MI6 systems to check what it contained, which was exactly what supposed tech guru Q did in the movie. This obviously led to the MI6 systems being hacked, the enemy agent escaping, and basically everything going down in flames. Good job, Q, that’ll put an end to your promising career in espionage, all right.

Stop spending all your money on cardigans and tea and learn how to do your job!

Hollywood using computers for terrible plot-related drama isn’t exactly new, as these sort of ill-researched plot holes seem to have been around ever since the computer was first invented. So it may not come as a surprise to some of you to learn that Hollywood puts little to no thought into the coding and hacking that’s so prominent in today’s films. Fortunately, today’s web crush does.

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