In Brightest Day: Malia Tate from Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf does a pretty poor job when it comes to disabilities—I’ve yet to forgive the show for how it treats Deucalion’s blindness. So it doesn’t surprise me that it has also failed to address the full scope of problems a character like Malia should have. Someone like Malia, who spent half her life—during her formative years no less—in the body of a coyote, should have numerous issues. And though Teen Wolf has thankfully remembered to give Malia some problems, such as trouble catching up in school, the show has neglected to give her other issues that she definitely should have.

Teen_Wolf_Season_4_Episode_401_The_Dark_Moon_Malia_Tate_in_the_ClubInstead, it presents Malia as a fully functioning teenage girl who knows how to accessorize, do her hair, and apply makeup. Hell, despite Malia’s complaints that she’s cold because she no longer has a fur coat, she still shaves, which is not something a person in her position would be doing. But that’s hardly the worst of it. Malia turned into a coyote as a small child, and she didn’t become human again until she was in her late teens. Yet despite this, she can still function in her human body as if she’d been using it the whole time.

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