Fanfiction Fridays: Hollow and Honeycomb by antistar_e

I hope you all had a nice week off! I spent my time off rereading some of my favorite fics from my favorite authors, which meant that I had an excellent rec for this Friday. A couple weeks ago I offered up Growing Wings as my Throwback Thursday. Though it’s a book I still love, it honestly lacks much of a plot, and its true strength, its worldbuilding, wasn’t allowed enough room to grow into a full-length novel. However, what it did come up with is fertile ground for any fanficcer looking to write a great wingfic AU. And who better to write a wingfic AU about than our very own Falcon, Sam Wilson?

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Throwback Thursdays: Growing Wings

growing wingsI think you all know by now that I love dragons, but another thing I loved growing up was the idea of flying or having the ability to fly—maybe as a result of watching too many Ghibli movies as a kid. I knew it wasn’t possible, but I wanted to have wings and get to school by flapping through the air like an overgrown bird. Since I couldn’t do that, though, I did the next best thing and went out and devoured all the books I could find with winged people. One of these books was the 2000 novel Growing Wings.

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