Sexualized Saturdays: Winona Kirk, Sexism, & Motherhood

Winona & baby JimMothers tend to get a bad rap in our media, whether it’s Disney movies where everyone’s mother is dead, the ever-present evil stepmothers in most fairy tales, or the general overall portrayal of mothers as either overbearing or abusive and neglectful. Sometimes the portrayal of mothers isn’t so much harmful as just poorly written. Mothers also suffer from being portrayed as serenely perfect or just never being given a personality at all. They are shunted to the side and made into basically a background character with a name in favor of the father taking the center stage (such is the case in Supernatural, Batman, Superman; in fact, a lot of comics fit the bill here). Perhaps it’s for this reason that fandoms tend to portray mothers so poorly in fanfiction. Like in regular media, fanfiction tends to show mothers as either abusive, dead, or nonexistent, even if the source material contradicts such things. Obviously this isn’t always the case, but we have discussed before how fandoms aren’t always kind in their portrayal of women, and mothers are certainly no exception. And today I want to talk about the Star Trek fandom’s portrayal of Winona Kirk in particular. Continue reading