Throwback Thursdays: Scooby-Doo and the Witch’s Ghost

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When deciding what to write about this week, I was torn between a comic and this movie… and then the universe sent me a sign: a gif of one of the Hex Girls, free of context or even any tags, on my Tumblr dash. I’m not one to turn down the universe, so here we are. This is one of the few Scooby-Doo movies close to my heart that I haven’t reviewed for this column yet, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an enjoyable watch.

Spoilers for the story below the jump!

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Switch This Book for Something More Magical, Please: The Many Failures of The Hawkweed Prophecy

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Another day, another subpar YA novel. After the disaster that was Three Dark Crowns, I told myself, “Luce, don’t get sucked in by another excellent premise, it will only disappoint you,” and I should have listened to myself. I picked up a new book called The Hawkweed Prophecy based on its premise: two girls, one magical and one not, were switched at birth and have to find their way in the world. The author, Irena Brignull, seemed particularly accomplished as well: as a screenwriter, she worked on The Boxtrolls and the movie adaptation of The Little Prince, and she’s worked on many other projects as a script editor for the BBC. Yet somehow, there turned out to be very little to recommend about her first novel.

Minor spoilers and trigger warning for some discussion of abortion after the jump.

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A Witch Talks The Witch Part 2

Thomasin witchWelcome back, dear reader. You might be thinking, “That last The Witch post was so long; this guy has more to say?!” I do, in fact. While I tried to walk the reader through the muddled plot of the film in that post, this one will be a more personal, philosophical response to the film. I fear most people will leave the film simply saying to themselves, “That wasn’t scary enough!” and then shrug and forget about it; however, I also think there will be a sizeable portion who will lose sleep trying to ask themselves, “What does it all mean?!” I certainly fall into the second camp, and it is with particular urgency I ask myself that question. As one of the people in the world seeking to claim a connection on some level with the word “witch”, it is important to me to try to decipher as much as I possibly can, to pick the film to the bone for every last scrap of meaning, since the word “witch” is being flashed before the public imagination. It’s important to me to ask what it means that the film goes with the late medieval and early modern conception that witchcraft and Satanism are one and the same. Heck, the film was even endorsed by the Satanic Temple. Is the devil truly inextricably linked to witchcraft? Are witches damned, and if so what does that mean? Let’s take a look.

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Throwback Thursdays: The Witches

It’s been years since I last read a Roald Dahl book, but when the time came to pick a throwback topic for this week, I found myself drawn to that bit of my bookshelves. And with the official start of Fall just past, it seemed only right to get in the spoopy spirit and revisit The Witches.

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Trailer Tuesdays: The Last Witch Hunter

I went to the theater to see Mad Max: Fury Road this past weekend, and surprisingly enough, I actually got to the theater in time for the trailers. (I have a bad habit of arriving at the latest possible second and missing all the trailers, which sucks for me, because I love trailers.) However, this time, almost all the trailers before the movie were horror trailers, so I spent a lot of time covering my eyes and wondering if I would have to spend the entire pre-movie with my eyes shut. Fortunately, right before Mad Max started, there was one non-horror trailer. Here it is right now.


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Sleepy Hollow: “Awakening” Review

sleepy hollow season 2 bannerWell, as Sleepy Hollow has been getting consistently worse these past few weeks, with only the occasional good episode shoved in with a myriad of bad ones, I had no hopes that “Awakening” would have any redeeming qualities. Even worse, I didn’t care. I literally only watched this episode because I’m the person scheduled to review it. So, was it any good?

Well, yes, actually, it was. “Awakening” had a lot of moments in it that I was happy to see. Unfortunately, it also had a lot of bad moments, too, that had me rolling me eyes. I’m also beginning to question if there’s a single part of American history that Ichabod Crane hasn’t shaped. Did you know he’s the one who cracked the Liberty Bell?

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Web Crush Wednesdays: MisSpelled

web crush wednesdaysToday I bring you a fun, mysterious, exciting, and spooky web series that is definitely worth your time. MisSpelled is about five young women who all discover one day that they have magical powers and are witches. Though the girls don’t always get along, and certainly don’t always see eye to eye, they begin working together to use their witchy powers. Especially when one of the girls, Gladys, accidentally kills her boyfriend, Ian, when she loses control of her powers. Together the girls—Nina, Emma, Quinn, and Stella—try to help Gladys bring Ian back to life, but with some disastrous consequences.

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