Fanfiction Fridays: Explanation by WriteOnForever

Young-Justice-Canceled-538x218I knew that I can’t have been the only person upset by Young Justice’s premature cancellation, and lo-and-behold, I wasn’t. This particular fic, Explanation by WriteOnForever, is a parody one-shot attempting to explain just what the hell was going on through the writers’ heads when they decided to end the series the way they did.

To recap, for those of you fortunate enough to not remember, the last episode in the series, “Endgame”, was a rushed mess that tried to tie up too many storylines at once, while introducing a few more, before ultimately finishing on a cliffhanger ending. This episode was meant to be a neat little bow to wrap up some loose threads, and it did a really awful job of it. It was rushed, and it felt rushed. It also didn’t help that for the sake of drama, the show decided to kill off one of its main characters.

Clearly, WriteOnForever was also just as upset about all this as I was. Except, while I ranted in a post, this author wrote a hilarious story mocking all the stupid decisions that went into that episode. And it raises some very good questions like:

“Did the trial on Rimbor even have a point to it?”

“Why did we bring in Static for five episodes?”

“When did they all learn Nightwing’s secret identity?”

And many others. I’ve been wondering about some of those myself, and as much as I loved the series, I’m hesitant to re-watch it, since I’ll only wonder about them some more, except that I’ll wonder more angrily. When stories are prematurely cancelled and filled to the brim with unanswered questions, it actually takes away from the value of all the previous episodes, because when we’re presented them, we expect a payoff of some kind, whether good or bad. Young Justice didn’t really have a payoff, and that’s something this author understands as well.

This fic is really short and, at less than one thousand words, it doesn’t take long to read at all. It’s entirely worth it, and you should check it out here.