Magical Mondays: Trigun and Lacking Exposition

I love this series a lot, but...

I love this series a lot, but…

Yasuhiro Nightow’s series Trigun covers a lot of topics spanning from the morality of man to the effects of abuse all the way back to environmentalism. However, speaking as someone who’s only watched the anime the whole way through—I’ve read some of the manga, but not all of Maximum—I’ve now realized how much the anime series lost compared to its manga counterpart. There’s only so much you can fit into twenty six episodes, but unfortunately the shortness led to the trivialization of one of the most important species of the show, the Plants.

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Manga Mondays: Trigun

TrigunComing off the high that is Anime Boston, I’ve gotten a refresher of sorts of why I enjoy anime—also why I dislike it and the culture that comes along with it, but mostly why I like it. Reminders of the anime that started this long-lived affair (it was Panda! Go Panda, by the way), and the anime and manga that have kept these fires stoked. One such anime/manga also started my adoration for complicated villains. I’m honestly surprised that no one has tackled this behemoth of a story yet. So, today let’s take this opportunity to look at my favorite swirling vortex of feels, The Humanoid Typhoon, and his life as told through Trigun.

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