Throwback Thursdays: Star Wars: Yoda Stories

Star Wars: Yoda Stories was a part of a Desktop Adventure series developed by LucasArt back in 1997. It was preceded by Indiana Jones and His Desktop Adventures and ended up being both the second and last game in the series—for, what I have discovered, was probably good reason. I used to play this game a lot as a child, but unlike other childhood computer games I had, I can’t say that I particularly enjoyed it all that much. Yoda Stories mostly appealed to me because it was Star Wars, and since I love Star Wars, I had to play it.

Okay, the ship is literally only two spaces away. I think you can hold your breath.

Okay, the ship is literally only three spaces away. I think you can hold your breath.

Since the new movie came out and got me all nostalgic for the original Star Wars, I decided to go back and revisit this game. I was about fifteen minutes into the first mission when I threw my hands up in the air and screamed, “screw it! I can do better.” Then I pulled out my original trilogy edition of Star Wars Monopoly—which somehow managed to have a playable figure of Leia, even though she’s a girl! What a shocker!—and played that instead. Because even playing fucking Monopoly is better than playing this video game.

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Fanfiction Fridays: Shattered by CWBasset

This Star Wars fic review is in no way yet another apology for not getting my next Animated Series post up.


Everything about this fic makes me happy, and I hope it makes all of you happy as well. Like, were any of you upset about the prequels? No problem, because CWBasset’s Shattered adds a great deal of emotional depth to it, so you can actually care about what happens. Did you think the prequels were filled with unexplained plot holes and made no sense? That’s okay, because once again, we have an author who actually knows how to tell a story.

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