Throwback Thursdays: Zoo Tycoon

Well, originally, this was not the Throwback I had planned for today, but after watching Jurassic World, I’ve found my interest in dinosaurs reinvigorated. And what better way to get my Jurassic Park kicks off than by building a park of my own filled with dinosaurs? Unfortunately, I can’t find my copy of Zoo Tycoon, and even if I could, it wouldn’t run on my current computer anyway. GOG also does not sell it, for some reason. So it looks like I’ll just have to go without for once. (My life is hard.)

Zoo tycoon 1When I was younger I used to play Zoo Tycoon daily, and I had both expansion packs, which meant that I could build my own Jurassic Park. And then, once my park had a significant amount of tourists, a fully grown T. rex, and a dozen velociraptors, like any responsible park owner, I deleted all my fences and allowed my dinosaurs to eat everyone.

Also, if you build a ditch around the park entrance, no one can escape.

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Sexualized Saturdays: Gender Bending

So sometime between writing our The Dark Knight Rises review where we briefly talk about making Talia al Ghul a man and discovering a game on Facebook called Dragon City, I’ve been thinking a lot about gender lately. Lady Geek Girl and I used Talia as an example in our post. Someone at one point had mentioned that it was a good thing that her ethnicity and the ethnicities of two other villains had been changed to white to avoid racism. The point we tried to get at was that that wouldn’t solve racist stereotyping any more than changing Talia to a man would have solved sexism.

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