Top 10 Patriotic Characters in Geekdom

Happy Fourth of July! It’s time for all of us geek girls and fanboys to show our patriotic pride, so we have typed up a list of some of the most patriotic characters in all of Geekdom. Don’t agree with our list? Let us know who you would put on your list by commenting on this post.

10. James T. Kirk

Born and raised in Riverside, Iowa and the greatest captain of the Starship Enterprise, James T. Kirk is one of the most patriotic characters in the Star Trek universe. Kirk represents the true American cowboy. He rides into the uncharted territory of space and brings about justice and freedom. He represents America’s can-do attitude. Like many of America’s great generals of the past, Kirk doesn’t believe in the no-win scenario and will do whatever it takes to complete his mission and do right by his crew. Still don’t believe Kirk is patriotic? Just watch this speech from the episode “Omega Glory”.

9. Shore Leave

Shore Leave from the Venture Bros. is a former member of the government organization, the OSI, and currently a member of S.P.H.I.N.X. He was forced out of the OSI because of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. Shore Leave represents all-encompassing American freedom. Freedom of expression and speech is something he not only prizes, but lives out every day. He is unabashedly gay in the face of homophobes. He’s sassy, fierce, and a total badass. He also loves guns and being a secret agent! What’s more American than that?

8. Tanya Adams

Special Agent Tanya Adams from Red Alert 2 is a strong female G.I. who doesn’t take shit from anyone, whether it’s the Commander or the President. You have to earn her respect. She is considered by the Allies as one of the finest marksperson on the battle field. Tanya is the woman you want on your side when things get tough. She is an expert in guns and explosives. When fighting the Axis Powers, she is the woman you want on your team.

7. Solid Snake

A hardened veteran from Metal Gear Solid, Solid Snake has been on the battlefield most of his life. A loner and a solider to the core, he has the will and courage to get the job done, while still holding true to his beliefs. He is, however, one of the more unconventional characters on this list if only because he doesn’t feel a particular affinity for the army or even his country. He doesn’t even always follow the orders he’s been given, but he always holds true to what he believes in, and if anything he represents the individuality and dissenting opinions that make America great.

6. Cpl. Bill Taylor

The success of the campaign in Call of Duty 2 can be credited to one man: Cpl. Bill Taylor. Modeled after the character Pvt. Jackson from the movie Saving Private Ryan, Cpl. Bill Taylor becomes something of a super solider as game progresses. He single-handedly takes down Nazi soldiers and defends American bunkers from countless German forces. There isn’t much of a story in Call of Duty 2, but the story that is there shows Cpl. Bill Taylor as a great American hero.

5. Patriot

Eli Bradley is one of the founding members of the Young Avengers and the grandson of Isaiah Bradley, the first Captain America. He follows the tradition of his grandfather and Captain America, fights for his country, and is a great hero. His costume pays homage to his grandfather, the African American Captain American, and all other African American patriots. Eli has shown himself to be just as strong and determined as Captain American.

4. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is an Amazon princess who returns to man’s world with intelligence officer Steve Trevor to fight the Nazis. Her original costume was designed to resemble the America flag. She showed strength and courage in the face of danger and fought side by side with soldiers like Steve Trevor. She was originally conceived as a strong female character not just to make a case for equality but to booster the morale of women during the World War II era. Wonder Woman, we salute you!

3. Captain America

The first Avenger, Captain America is one of the most patriotic characters in comics—America is in his name after all. Steve Rogers is so devoted to his country and the fight against the Axis powers that he tried to enlist in the army several times despite being rejected over and over. Eventually, Steve allows the army to test their new Super Soldier serum on him just so he can serve his country. Today Captain America continues to represent the best and brightest of his country, which is why he is not only one of the most patriotic characters in comics but also one of the greatest comic book characters of all time. That’s why his movie looks so badass!

2. Superman

Superman, Clark Kent, Kal-El, he has many names but one thing about him always remains the same: he stands for truth, justice, and the American-way. Some of you may be asking, why is Superman higher on the list than Captain America? With the exception of origins, Superman and Captain America are very similar with how they feel about their country, but Superman is the first. The original boyscout, Superman was raised in America’s heartland and will always be as American as apple pie. Furthermore, Superman represents another important part of American society: those people who emigrate from other countries to America. Sure, Superman is from another planet, but he was always meant to represent those people that came to the United States searching for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Superman represents what makes America truly great. Also the ending of Superman II might be one of the most patriotic moments in movie history!

1. G.I. Joe

The Real American Hero! G.I. Joe has been an action figure, a TV show, a video game, and a movie, but what he represents has always remained the same. He represents the greatest of America’s soldiers. Originally conceived as an action figure in the early 1960s, the action figure was created to represent each branch of the United States armed forces.

The name G.I. Joe is meant to pay homage to the everyday soldier that fought for their country. Joe eventually became a household name and became especially famous for his TV show in the 1980s. Today G.I Joe is synonymous with all things American. He is after all the real American hero! Go Joe!